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  1. Sunbeam SWC-24 Electronic Floor Standing Water Dispenser [SWC-24]

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    Sunbeam SWC-24 Electronic Floor Standing Water Dispenser

    Perfect for your home and the office, this premier cold and ambient water dispenser is free-standing and easy to install. Just plug it into an electrical point, fill the bottle up with this purified water and enjoy cool, crisp, great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

    Sunbeam SWC-24 Electronic Floor Standing Water Dispenser: Features

      -   Hot and cole water cabinet
      -   Free-standing
      -   Desk-top
      -   Top and front panel are plastic
      -   Side panel punch formed powder coasted steel
      -   10 curcuits condenser
      -   Luxuurious design
      -   Compressor cooling
      -   For home and office use
      -   Suitable for up to 15 people
      -   Stainless steel water tank
      -   Capacity for hot: 90 degree 5L/h
      -   Capacity for cold 5 degree 2L/h
      -   Rated voltage = 220/110V
      -   Frequnecy = 50/60Hz
      -   Heating power= 550W
      -   Cold power= 105W
      -   Type of anti-electric shock protection
      -   Temperature = 10-38degree
      -   Ambient humidity= 90%
      -   Climate type = All
      -   Size: 330 x 320 x 1000 mm
      -   12 months warranty

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